What is Belfree Wireless Ringing System?

Belfree Wireless Ringing System (WRS) is a collection of devices that enables silent practice of bell ringing, comprising of a sensor that attaches to the bell wheel, and a USB dongle to connect to a computer running simulator software.

Designed with portability in mind – Our sensors can be moved between towers which allows ringing communities to share Belfree hardware.

Handmade and assembled in the UK, every sensor, dongle and mount is make from laser cut acrylic. Our magnetic mounting system or ‘MagMount’ serves two purposes, securely holding the sensor during operation and also activating it.

Unlike other existing sensor solutions which are generally mounted somewhere around the bell frame – Belfree is designed to be mounted on the bell wheel itself.

We use the latest in MEMS technology to monitor the bell’s angular position and velocity to accurately determine its strike point.

Belfree WRS sensors have been used with Abel, Beltower and Virtual Belfry on Windows PCs and laptops and most recently with the Methodology App on an Android tablet.

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