Step-by-step Installation and set-up

Our sensors are designed to be portable and removable. In order to attach the sensor to the bell wheel, we provide a mounting plate that is screwed into the bell wheel.
The sensor is held securely in the mount during use by super strong neodymium magnets. Putting the sensor in to the mount also activates the sensor.

To get you up and running, we’ve developed an application to help with setting up and range testing.

Belfree WRS Setup Assistant (PDF)

Belfree WRS Setup Assistant  (64-bit Windows Zip)

We’ve also documented how to set up Belfree sensors in some of the more popular simulator software.

Belfree WRS Virtual Belfry Setup Guide (PDF)

Belfree WRS Abel Simulator Setup Guide (PDF)

Belfree WRS Beltower Simulator Setup Guide (PDF)

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