What is the range of the wireless transmission?

Transmission range of approx 60-80ft it possible with the basic system (Dependant on construction of tower)

Further distances are possible using additional equiptment such as a UPT cable which can be used for towers with complex constructions such as reinforce concrete.

How long does the sensor last once charged
Our sensors use the latest in battery technology. Lithium Polymer (or LiPo) batteries power the units and are rechargeable via USB from your computer or similar wall socket. Since we began developing belfree we have managed to increase the battery size to over double what it was originally and still fit it all into a compact unit.

We have done tests on the battery over time and have managed to achieve up to 24 hours of actual ringing time.

How many sensors can be used at once?

Using 1 dongle up to 16 individual sensors can be connected to a Belfree WRS

Will the wireless signal interfere with anything locally?

No. The wireless system used in the sensors only communicates with components in the Belfree WRS. 

It will not connect to existing wireless networks or interfere with anything in the local area.

How can I share a single sensor between two towers?

The back plates which are fitted to the bell wheels can be purchased separately  – therefore it is possible for more than one tower to share a single sensor by simply installting additional backplates at different locations and using one sensor between them.