Belfree WRS – 6 Bell System – Pro Pack


Belfree WRS – 6 Bell System

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6 Bell System – Pro Pack

The system includes:

6 x Belfree WRS Sensors
6 x MagMounts
6 x USB charge cables
1 x USB Dongle
1 x Ultimate extender cable up to 10m
1 x Ip Rated Storage case
1 x 8 Port wall powered charger for faster charging
1 x Charging station – Holds charger and up to 8 Bells conveniently for easier charging

This is the perfect setup for a 6 bell tower, easy to install and simple to operate, and has everything you need to setup in one go. The ultimate extender cable in the Pro Pack allows you to get the dongle closer to the Belfry incase of any loss of signal. The storage case is the perfect accompaniment to ensure the sensors remain in safe working order. The 8 port charger and Charging station make recharging up to 8 sensors very simple.

Installation documents are available online and can be found here, so you can learn how to use the sensors whilst they are being made.

Sensors will be supplied partially charged and will require fully charging before setting up. This is a very simple procedure and does not take very long.

All Belfree sensors are handmade to order here in the UK and therefore are subject to a 14 day lead-time.