Single Bell System – Basic


Belfree WRS – Single Bell System: Ideal starter package – contains everything you need to get started in the world of wireless ringing practice.

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The Belfree WRS Single Bell System is the perfect starter package for any tower or individual who wants to take a step into the world of wireless ringing practice. The system includes all the components to get you up and running in a very short time and is simple to install. The Pro pack includes an Ultimate extender cable for towers with a long draft between the belfry and the ringing chamber and an additional mount so you can move the sensor between towers or bells.

A Single Bell System – Basic includes

1 x Belfree WRS Sensor
1 x Belfree MagMount
1 x Belfree WRS USB Dongle
1 x Charging Cable
1 x 5M usb extension cable


Installation documents are available online and can be found here, so you can learn how to use the sensors whilst they are being made.

Sensors will be supplied partially charged and will require fully charging before setting up. This is a very simple procedure and does not take very long.

All Belfree sensors are handmade to order here in the UK and therefore are subject to a 14 day lead-time. 

If you have a tower with a particularly long distance between the Belfry and the ringing room we would recommend looking at our ultimate extender cable allowing you place the dongle closer to the belfree with ease. Alternatively check out the Single bell system -Pro Pack which has some extras as well as the extender cable and provides great value for money.

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